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What Makes A Good Fidget

Posted by Tom Holm on

Whether you're stuck in a meeting, late for an appointment, or even just thinking about public speaking... we all experience anxiety, stress, and restlessness on a regular basis. 

And whether you've realized it or not, there's a good chance that you regularly turn to fidgeting to help deal with these stressors in life. Clicking a pen, biting your nails, smoking... these are all "fidgets" that we turn to when we're experiencing some type of stress or anxiety.

But pens, fingernails, and cigarettes make terrible fidgets... so ditch that junk and get a real fidget.

A Good Fidget Is...

Not A Toy

Action figures and Legos are great fidgets, but they command too much of the users attention and brain power. The ideal fidget should help you release energy and stress (usually through auto-pilot movement in the hands), without distracting you from tasks in front of you. Fidgets should help you focus even better, instead of hogging your attention in the way that a toy does.


Your fidgeting shouldn't drive everyone in the room crazy. Clicking, beeping, squeaking... big "nope sandwich". Keep it classy and keep it silent.


When you finally find the "the one", you and your fidget will become inseparable. Lets hope your "the one" doesn't end up being a toaster (though the up-and-down lever could be a great fidget). You'll want a fidget that easily slides into your pocket, bag, or purse and that can also easily hide in your closed fist. If its small enough that you can always carry it with you then you'll be ready when stress decides to jump you in a dark alley.


Don't bite your nails, don't pick at your cuticles, don't pick your nose, and don't smoke. We've heard from many of our customers who have used fidgets to actually help them stop doing these things. If you're stuck in an unhealthy fidgeting habit, you don't have to stop cold turkey... help your body out by replacing your bad fidgeting habits with healthy ones.


So if anxiety, stress, ADHD, autism, restlessness, or just "the wiggles" are part of your daily life... take a chance on one of our non-toy, quiet, small, healthy fidgets. It'll become your hands new best friend.