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Tom's Story

Posted by Tom Holm on


I'm Tom Holm, and Fidgets have had a profound impact on both my life and the lives of many of my friends and family.

I was born a natural fidgeter. This mostly manifested itself through my excessive use of Legos and action figure toys, but I didn't realize that fidgeting was really part of my identity until after I had grown out of my "Legos stage".

A few years ago a co-worker told me that he always knew when I'd been in a room before him, because it always looked like a toddler had just come through and messed everything up. I didn't quite understand what he was getting at, so he kindly pointed out that through the course of our relatively short conversation, I had picked up, fidgeted, and and then misplaced over 10 items in his small office. I looked around and realized that I had done this without even realizing it. It was just natural for me to always have something in my hands, and this fidgeting compulsion usually seemed to come at the expense of other peoples organization.

After this conversation, I began to stuff my pockets with things that I thought I might fidget with throughout the day. And it WORKED!!! I stopped